Thursday, September 24, 2009

So , uh...

You guys probably are reading this off Google Reader or an RSS feed or at Facebook or something, so if I type long enough, you probably won't get to the actual content of the post. And that's a darn shame. Because if you clicked through, man, there's all kinds of stuff.

Only not really.

The wedding of Doug and K is still on, but its been a crazy day. I guess Kristen got some sort of infection where she had her surgery recently, so she's in the hospital. Nothing I would wish on my worst enemy, and certainly not on two of my favorite people.

Honestly, it all sounds like something that would go down with me and Troubles, so I hope by virtue of marrying into the Steans-extended-clan, she ahsn't just wound up accidentally catching a nasty case of the usual Steans-luck.

Let's all wish K and Doug well.

So, yeah, there should be more content.

I guess I like comics and robots and stuff, and I haven't mentioned Lynda Carter in a while. That's too bad. I should do that more often. I'm probably distracted by my weekly dose of Christina Hendricks, so, there you go on that.

Uhm. Superman continues to have comics, and there's no new movie, but I guess if you asked, I'd have an opinion on what that should look like, but nobody did ask, so why lay that trip on you?

There's probably something to be said about the space program, or the business model at DC Comics. But I'm not sure that's worth a post.

Haven't seen any movies lately.

Uh. Won't see the game on Saturday unless a Direct TV dish falls out of the sky to wine country in California. So I may be texting some of you during the game to get updates.

The dogs are good.

What else?

Simon ran his marathon, and raised a good amount of money for the Terry Fox Run, so we should all applaud that effort. Well done, Simon.

Jason is on Corpus Christi on the rainiest, coldest September I can remember since about 1993. We aearned the cold and rain, though.

I mentioned Superman is cool, right? And Lynda Carter?


Well, apparently I got nothing this evening. I think I'm going to go read a crime novel or something.


Anyway, did you know that Wonder Woman puts on more clothing when she goes swimming than she does when she's saying, hanging around fighting crime? And when she swims, the ocean looks like the bottom of a Holllywood producer's pool? It's true.


Michael Corley said...

It's Wonder Woman's only weakness... chlorine!

Simon MacDonald said...

Thanks for the donation and mention on your blog. I'm very proud of my continued participation in the Terry Fox Run year after year. Sadly just yesterday I found out one of my friends has been diagnosed with Kidney cancer. I really, really hate cancer!

J.S. said...

I second the vote about hating cancer- sorry to hear about your friend. Also, McSteans needs one of those swimsuits.