Monday, September 28, 2009

Whip It Interview with Shauna C (and Juliette Lewis)

Hey Leaguers. "Whip It" opens Friday at a theater near you! If you're in Austin and want to see the movie this weekend, e-mail me or say something in the comments. We'll have to hit The Alamo downtown.

Anyhow, Shauna C. was interviewed while in Canada for the Toronto Film Festival. Thrill to Shauna smiling politely! Chill to the awkward questioning style of the interviewer! Be dazzled by an interviewer asking the interview subjects to fulfill his sort of odd obsession with Drew Barrymore!

Click here to see the interview.


J.S. said...

Also a Whip It article in the New York Times. Shauna gets a nod.

Michael Corley said...

Man, hearing her speak after so long was like entering a time vortex. Again, I am very, very unsuprised to see her rise to the top.