Friday, October 02, 2009

iPhone Nerd Challenge

The League does not have an iPhone, and won't (a) for about two years so he can get the most out of the Blackberry he just bought, and (b) if they have made the move to Verizon by that point.

But we are very interested in the reading experience on the iPhone.

At long-last, comics are moving to the iPhone, and hopefully soon they'll also move to the Sony Reader and other technologies.

Anyhow, I am willing to send a check to reimburse the costs of the first Leaguer who purchases the first two or three issues of Mark Waid's "Irredeemable" and writes a review of the experience for reprint here.

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J.S. said...

Why would I want to read a comic on a little iPhone screen? I can try it, but I'm skeptical.

The League said...

Well, dude. That's why I offered to reimburse anyone who tries it.

Simon MacDonald said...

Well I already downloaded the free preview of Irredeemable for my iPhone. If I like it I was going to download the first couple of issues anyway. So, I can easily offer you my thoughts on the series sometime next week.

rhpt said...

I might do this. But then you'll OWE me, Ryan. And I'll call in that favor when you least expect it!

The League said...

I look forward to the various takes on this experiment! I will be curious to hear how they cut up the usual comic pages for the project.