Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bowl Schedule 09-10

Well, the Bowl schedule is up, and UT did manage to land in the National Championship. Pretty cool that two teams I follow (UT and OU) have each had a shot in back to back years.

I am, of course, a Longhorn by academic and professional affiliation. But these days I work with 17 other universities, and so my professional affiliations spread a little outside of that particular scope. But as a sports fan, I bleed orange. Just don't tell anyone.

Its sort of cool to know I will want to watch all five BCS games and a load of non-BCS bowls.

The Rose Bowl on New Years will be the scrappy Ducks versus the Buckeyes, and I think the Ducks stand a darn good chance of winning that one.

The Sugar Bowl (also New Year's Day) will feature the former National Champs and team who was ranked #1 all season against Cincinnati. I watched Cincinnati play three times this year, and I think this could be a surprisingly even match-up.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 4) will feature Boise State (who I don't care about) versus TCU (whom we should ALL care about). TCU will spend the next month whining about how they should have been in the Championship Bowl, so its a chance to see what they've got against a serious challenge.

The Orange Bowl I'll be watching mostly because its on, but GT and Iowa...? Could be fun.

And, of course, my Longhorns in the National Championship. Versus Alabama, who seems superior in so many ways. It's my sincere hope that the Longhorns will embrace their underdog status, just as UT did in the 06 Championship, and play against an over confident Alabama. Or... Alabama could just walk all over my pals Colt and Kindle.

C'est la vie.

Some other bowls I'll consider watching:

12/22 - Oregon State in the Maaco Bowl.
12/26 - Pittsburgh in the Mieneke Car Care Bowl
12/28 - A&M in the Independence Bowl
12/31 - Houston in the Bell Hleicopters Armed Services Bowl
12/31 - Oklahoma in the Sun Bowl
1/2 - Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl
1/2 - Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl

That's a lot of football, but I have a lot of time off from work.


Paul Toohey said...

I'm probably going to watch the Little Ceasar's Bowl, mainly because I'm hoping they bring that Pizza-Pizza guy back as their spokesmodel.

tjeff said...

I know Alabama looked great against Florida, and I totally embrace the Longhorns' underdog status, but you are aware of Alabama's previous outing against unranked Auburn (7-5) right?

Not saying the Tide isn't great, but College Football is kind of crazy and unpredictable, especially in big games (rivalries, championships, etc..).

The League said...

That crazy unpredictableness is exactly why I love college ball. I honestly thought UT would do well, but figured we'd love OU and TAMU this year. Instead, UT's wound up in the championship, TCU is a powerhouse, etc...

We'll see what happens against Alabama, as I sincerely think UT could embrace their underdog status and surprise everyone.

I need to watch that clip. I don't follow Alabama at all, so this is all new to me.

tjeff said...

Ah, yeah, I honestly was very unimpressed with Alabama this season. Boring. Yawn. Even more unimpressed with Florida, WAY overrated. All season long, I thought Texas was better. But, Alabama looked really great against Florida, and Texas looked awful against Nebraska, so there you go..

Like you, though, I like that people think Texas has no chance. It's a good position to be in. And I hope Ingram wins the Heismen.