Monday, June 25, 2007

Why We Wii

Because it makes Pat happy

Because Jamie strikes a pose while bowling a strike!

And sometimes Jamie bowls a 172

These pictures were taken the other night at Shoemaker Manor where the fighting forces of our extended circle of pals had assembled for Pursuit of Hoppyness.

Earlier in the evening we'd attended a Roundrock Express game, which was, seriously, a ton of fun. I highly recommend a game to anyone looking for a nice night out, some bad beer, worse hotdogs and some surprisingly exciting baseball (our pitcher, with a .063 average, hit a double or triple. I forget which. I was jumping up and down and shouting too much). Anyway, the Express trounced the Nashville Sounds 6-1. Mangum and Nicole came along. According to Mangum, the $5 Nolan Ryan hotdog was... not so good.

Special thanks to Mr. Peek for the tickets. And to Peabo for suggesting Mr. Peek send them our way.

After the game we headed down to Shoemaker's, and the evening continued. We played Wii.

I don't know what Matt did here, but everyone looks pretty excited.

FYI: I didn't take any of these photos. Pat has a remote on his camera and I was always sitting just out of range.

Here's Mrs. Shoemaker, Laura Ryan (who I hadn't seen in, like, 5 years) and the British dude she just married. I think his name is Simon. And, since I know nothing else, I'll also guess he can move objects with his mind.

And as the night drew to a close (we'd already left) Jeff offered a hops-fueled benediction


J.S. said...

I'm pretty sure I recognize some of these people from the "Active Warrants" postings down in central booking...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite.

The League said...

This was not my gig, dawg. I can't invite you to other people's houses.

Anonymous said...

Both JMD & I are just envious. We both wish we were there. OF course, with Esmé around, I am not sure Em and I could have been there even if we lived in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is your gig or not, EVERYONE knows that the League is the social director. No question.

The League said...

Sadly, others do not always do my bidding. If they did, we'd spend a lot more time talking about Galactus.