Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Friends of Melbotis

A huge thank you to all of you who have inquired about Mel's welfare over the past week or so.

Mel's having some trouble with his stitching, so I'm bringing him back to the vet tomorrow, very early. I asked Jamie if I could not see if they could not do a quick patch job at Build-a-Bear at the mall, but she said the vet would probably do a better job.

I want to send special public thanks to a few folks:

  • The parents, who have been so supportive
  • Jason, who took Lucy off our hands during the days of surgery
  • Nicole, who has helped out a lot with Mel over the past week
  • Steven and Lauren, who came over this weekend for a quiet night in, to visit with Mel and to wrangle Lucy
  • Randy, who generously sent along some delicious looking gourmet dog treats

Mel appreciates it, and we appreciate it.

I do not mean to leave anyone off of the list here. Thanks so much to everyone.

Mel is getting better. Surgery is just tough, especially when you're a dog and have no idea what is going on.


Anonymous said...

How does Mel like the treats?

The League said...

Mel hasn't been able to eat them. Alas. He can't eat solid food for a while yet, and just had a follow up surgery today. He's taking it easy.

As soon as he can eat solid foods, he's getting one of these treats, though...