Sunday, February 03, 2008

Awesome ending to a Superbowl

Well, we hadn't really planned to watch, but changed our minds this morning and went out and got some food.

The last quarter of the game was not the best quarter of football I've ever seen, but it was the best ending to a Superbowl I can recall. The seemingly unstoppable Patriots went down, the Giants' Eli Manning was the second Manning in two years to win a Superbowl, and the final drive by the Giants was amazing.

The first three quarters were deadly dull as the two grat defenses wailed on each team's offense, but... heck.. the Giants' season couldn't have been better if it had been written by a Hollywood scripter.

I will now quit saying "Eli's really good, but it's got to be tough having Peyton Manning for a brother."

I do want to call BS on the poll for MVP for Animal Planet's Puppybowl IV. The Golden got too little screen time, and where are the labs?


Anonymous said...

I blame Gisele being in attendance.

The League said...

If I can blame the crushing end to the Cowboys' season on Jessica Simpson, you can blame Gisele.