Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Anybody have any ideas for topics for posts? Anything I can do here I haven't done of late? I'm feeling a bit tapped out.


Anonymous said...

You should blog about Morrison's run on Batman ... Bat-mite? Three ghosts of Batman? Zur-En-Arrh? Great stuff!

Simon MacDonald said...

Here are some thoughts:

1) With only one issue left before Morrison wraps up All Star Superman you could do some prognosticating as to how he will wrap it up.
2) What did you think of Trinity #1?
3) Are you disappointed or relieved that the Justice League movie is shelved for now?

The League said...

Thanks, fellas. All good ideas.

As per Simon's #2... I will be behind on this series as I am moving to online comic ordering. I won't get to read Trinity for a few weeks when I get a monthly shipment. I'll do a 4-issue review, though, when I get my box o' comics.

Simon MacDonald said...

Dang, you guys are so lucky in the states that you can use DCBS.