Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Meredith B.

The League figures we won't remember to do Meredith B. the solid next year, so a happy birthday wish to Meredith B.

I met Meredith, originally, in elementary school when we both attended Haude Elementary. Mere and I were in a play together, "How the Sea Got Salty" (or something along those lines). I played "The Poor Boy" who goes mad with power when he steals a magic salt shaker from elves (I feel like I've taken crazy pills even as I describe the play), and Meredith played "Gabby Goblin".

We later went on to be several plays together in high school, and were sort of bossy to lower classmen together as Seniors. We were in:

The Crucible
You Can't Take it With You
Watch on the Rhine
Rhimers of Eldritch
All My Sons

And probably something I'm missing. But we spent a LOT of time together backstage and in and outside of school. Sometimes with The League's own Jill H-W. I know we also had Junior year English together, because I think Jill was in there, too... And so was Denise...

Wow... there's a lot of Ms. Richard's 1991-1992 Honors English class represented at LoM. If only David Parajon, Laura A. and that Beth girl who sat in front of me would show up...

Meredith and I were supposed to go to summer drama camp together, and then she headed off to North Carolina for drama camp and I went to UT for camp. Not so surprisingly, she headed off to NC for school. But before that, we hung out quite a bit.

Meredith is also the only person I know who has almost, literally, crashed into a bus full of nuns (I doubt she remembers this, but I remember the looks on the faces of those nuns as if it were yesterday).

Younger readers will be shocked to learn that people once sort of lost touch with one another as e-mail and Facebook did not exist. But, now that they do, I am happy to be back in touch with Mere and hear she and the Family B. are doing well in NC.

You can keep up with Mere at her blog

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Meredith said...

Wow, listing those plays took me on a huge trip down memory lane. Do you know I still have my show t-shirts in a box upstairs? I can't bring myself to toss them.

Laura A. is well, has twin girls and barely gets on Facebook...wish she'd do the blogging thing, but oh well....Parajon...had not thought of him in YEARS. Wow. Wonder where he is.

Yes, Ms. Gray's creative writing was a highlight of HS for me....who all was in there? You, me, Jill, Marshall, Michelle M.....who else? I still picture our party at Gray's house when she fell in her own pool. Surely Marshall has not forgotten that....