Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Displacement - Day 3

So today is day 3 of displacement, and already I think I'm starting to lose it a bit.

And poor Jason is okay with playing host to dogs, but I'm not sure he can put up with me and my passive-aggressive "I don't care what we watch" as he tries to find something on cable.

They have successfully scored the floor (cut grooves into it) and stained the concrete. Tomorrow is a "finishing coat". Then, on Friday, they'll paint the walls. The whole thing is going okay, I guess. It's not even a long process when you see what they're doing. It's just a LOT of stuff going on and you hope it worth it.

Right now, it seems like it will be. Especially if you'd seen the state of the carpet they pulled up.

Then, we have to move furniture back into the house from the garage, followed by bringing all our stuff back downstairs that went upstairs. Which is just a reminder that you own too much stuff.

I think we'll be done with the important stuff by Monday or Tuesday. Then, gradually, we can bring the stuff back down, which will be probably less hassle than bringing it up (I love books. I just don't love hauling them upstairs in stacks).

I guess I should take some pictures when we finish things up...


J.S. said...

That was passive aggressive? I thought you just didn't care what we watched.

Anonymous said...

I'll be excited to see it all finished up. :-) What color are they staining it?

The League said...

Well, fortunately we've been watching my same shows M-W. But I would I would be emitting lots of sighs, etc... to let you know if I thought you were steering me wrong.

The color is an intentionally splotchy sort of brownish-rust color. I think that's the nest descrption I can give it.

The League said...

And you will get to see it very soon. As soon as we're pulled together, you guys should come on down.