Sunday, October 05, 2008

Superman on the Church Organ

Steven sent this:

From the YouTube page:

Organist Sean Jackson plays the theme from Superman on the organ at Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City.

There are some themes so well known, you just can't mess with them. Superman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Bond, Pink Panther... when you remake the movie, you better consider how you're going to fit the theme in.

Superman Returns re-used Williams' Superman score, as has Smallville to tremendous effect in the episodes featuring Christopher Reeve before his death. And while not everyone is a huge Superman nut... 30 years on and people still know that theme. And it warms the heart to see folks give it up for the organist and Williams' music.

Something for WB to consider.

I don't want to dismiss Mr. Jackson's work here. Wow! That's a lot of music to translate to the organ, and he did it with the right spirit.

I should mention: When Jamie, Steanso, Peabo, Randy and I met up with JimD in Beaumont for a screening of Superman at the Jefferson Theater, THEY had an organist who, I believe, also gave the Superman theme a whirl. We wound up talking to the guy for a while after the movie. Terrific gentleman.

Thanks, Steven!


Anonymous said...

Awesome video. I shared it with the KPAC staff.

The League said...

You KPAC guys doing anything creepy for Halloween we can tune into?

J.S. said...

Yeah, I also really liked this video. Pipe organs are way cool.

Anonymous said...

We always do something strange on Halloween. Unfortunately, we're not streaming our signal due to music rights issues that are currently being negotiated between webcasters and Sound Exchange (the RIAA).