Saturday, October 11, 2008

UT wins (a big surprise)

So, I had gone into today's UT game believing that #1 ranked Oklahoma would surely rack up about 45 points, and we'd get, maybe 35. It was a test not to see if we could beat Oklahoma, which we surely could not, but to see how we would stack up against the rest of the teams we would be playing.

As you probably already know, UT won the game 45 - 35. And if the refs hadn't made that horrendous "roughing the kicker" call (which was really just the kicker cramping up again after his ill-advised running play), who knows what the final outcome would have been.

"At least it's a good game" we were saying well into the 3rd quarter, pleased that UT was keeping pace with OU. And then UT took the lead, and... well... 2008 just got better in a lot of ways.

I have no idea where UT is headed BCS-wise, but I know Colt McCoy and Co. now have a huge target painted on their backs for the remainder of the season. I am now believing we could very well end up in a real BCS bowl this year.


Oh, and a very special welcome to Texas for my in-laws, who just moved to San Marcos from Oklahoma this week.


Anonymous said...

Texas fight!

Michael Corley said...

Best part about living in OK but graduating from UT? I win either way!

The League said...

Michael, where is your unthinking loyalty to UT?

NTT said...

It was a great game. I almost had a coronary in the third quarter. That OU punter deserves an Oscar for his fake collapse. I can't believe we're ranked #1. Go Longhorns...(please don't let down against Missouri).