Monday, October 06, 2008

It seems redundant these days to announce that change is afoot at League HQ, but, yes, once again, it seems to be the case.

My professional life seems to have zagged and then zigged, but that's stuff I don't want to talk about until the dust settles, so pardon my silence on that for the time being.

Meanwhile, we're tearing up all the carpeting and linoleum on the first floor tomorrow, which means I'm sitting in the middle of an empty room on the floor. Local Leaguers will know the League HQ living rooms couches, coffee table, etc... all of that is in the garage.

Thanks to the power of dogs, we've made an executive decision to go stained concrete. And to paint.

Anyhow, by this time next week, I expect the place will look completely different, and no more will I look at the carpet and weep. Instead, I'll endlessly be sweeping up dog-fur clusters.


Jamie and I had some scheduling difficulty today... so you want to know what kind of person KareBear, my mother, is?

She got up at 4:30 AM, hopped in the car and drove all the way to Austin and helped oversee the movers who were moving our junk into the garage. That, people, is insane. And for anyone who ever wonders who they should pick to have on their side when push comes to shove...? You pick who you're going to pick. I pick my mom.

I owe her so huge, I can't get my head around it.

Anyhow, I got up at a respectable hour today, so I'm tired and am cashing in my chips.


Steven said...

That is guts on the behalf of your mother. Guts and gumption.

The League said...

Yeah. It's a little overwhelming sometimes a measure to live up to.

Meredith said...

Your mom is a rock star, from what I recall. :)