Sunday, February 01, 2009


I don't think I'm going*, but the lineup for Coachella is, once again, really very good.


I can't help but note that My Bloody Valentine is listed. Part of me refuses to believe they'll keep it together long enough to make the show, but if they're doing Coachella, maybe they'll do ACL Fest?


Paul McCartney
Morrisey (for JimD)
Leonard Cohen
The Crystal Method (your mileage may vary)
Girl Talk
TV on the Radio
Jenny Lewis
Peter Bjorn and John
Public Enemy
The Cure
Throbbing Gristle (A bad I've never heard, but always respected the name. Not quite as awesome as RevCo, but not bad)

No matter what, ACL Fest is going to pale in comparison.

*Jamie and I are talking about taking a lengthy vacation this summer, so that'd be where I'll spend my vacation days.


J.S. said...

I'd be interested in going to Coachella, maybe. I've always wanted to go....

J.S. said...

Also, Lollapalooza in Chicago usually has a good lineup. It's later in the summer, but it's in Chicago, so it would probably be easier to attend without having to either camp at the site or stay at a hotel that's 20+ miles away from the site (like at Coachella).

Fantomenos said...

Whoah, X, The Cure, Yeah^3's, Mastodon and Leonard Freakin' Cohen?! When did I get hip again?

BTW, if you haven't yet, check out The Airborne Toxic Event. The missus and I have seen them 3 times and they put on an amazing show. Based on your previous music postings, I think they're up your alley, more so than the Throbbing Gristle, anyway.

The League said...

Do not let me forget to look these guys up before end of week. And I need to spotlight your band sometime, too.

Blah-gger said...

Bonnaroo, baby! Come to TN!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Blah-gger on this.