Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No post this evening.

I'm actually kind of tired and want to turn in early.

Here's an Alex Ross interpretation of The Amazing Amazon.

Because I don't want to leave you with nothing to read:

You have just won a sweepstakes and, after taxes, will have $20 million dollars.

Let's assume that, as a great humanitarian, you've already given a truckload to charity. After paying off your house, loans, bookie, etc...

1) What are the three luxuries that you would allow yourself in the first week?

2) What are two items you would never buy, even with all that dough?

3) Would you keep showing up at work?


Anonymous said...

1. I would fly to Fiji and fall asleep on the beach. Next I would buy the most amazing adventure package and learn to scuba/hang glide and wind surf. 3rd: the best professional camera available to document my luxury spree.

2. I would never buy a Batter Blaster or a male prostitute. Girl's gotta have standards.

3. Hell no, I would just alternate between #1, painting and reading books.

Anonymous said...

It bears mentioning that scuba/hand glide was a typo. Come to think of it though, hang gliding in scuba gear then ditching into the water sounds majorly James Bond. I will consider it. Actually, it's very Navy Seal, without all the barking. Puns... huzzah!

JAL said...

1) a private performance from David Bowie for me and my friends, a 1955 Gullwing Mecedes, some sort of ridiculous home audio system based around these.

2) Plastic surgery & hookers

3) Yes.

mcsteans said...

1. a) Home dialysis room and nurse as well as canine/feline security system to keep the room sterile.

b) A trip to Hawaii. (Not very exotic, no, but I really don't want to explore the dialysis clinics of Thailand)

c) A pool and someone to maintain it.

2. a) (This one's going to break Ryan's heart) A stone gorilla
b) a Hummer

3) N/A

Anonymous said...

1) There's a piece of art I want to commission but can't afford right now; a house, but not the house we made an offer on, but a HOUSE, The HOUSE, the HOUSE that lives in my head; a car for my wife.

2) I have to agree with JAL: plastic surgery and sex

3) I would for awhile. I wouldn't want to leave my employers high and dry. But I would give a month or two notice to give them time to find/train a replacement. With my free time I like to think I would volunteer here and there, but who knows?

The League said...

1a) Action Comics 252
1b) Take Jamie wherever
1c) Skybox for UT football games. Which would probably deplete all that money in one shot.
1d) Get Nicole an apartment where she can't cross the entire space in two steps.
1e) Oh, who am I kidding? A lot more comics.

2a) Bankrolling someone else's independent film, album, creative endeavor... I know that screams "a-hole", but it would just seem like a terrible idea.
2b) A brass pole for the living room. Why do these tools on "Cribs" put something like that in their house? If not for an awesome Batpole to the garage?

3) Yes. Its a good job. It'd either be this or a grad program.

J.S. said...

First, I just have to call Lauren out. You're claiming that Steven isn't a male prostitute?

1) a vacation with a bunch of friends to accompany me (probably somewhere in southern Europe), a large, hybrid SUV of some kind, and a full-time monkey keeper to follow around and clean up after my monkey (I figure I can already afford the monkey)
2) a Lexus, a trip to a day spa
3) only if they let me work half time (maybe 3 days a week)

Michael Corley said...

1: a. Trip across Europe
b. Personal Trainer
c. Professional Magic lessons

2: a. Super dooper expensive car (like, more than, say, a good BMW).
b. A huge mansiony house. Just a cool old one would do me fine.

3: Just long enough for my health insurance and such to get switched over. That and the financial plan in place. I'd give it about three months. I'd have sooooo much fun in those three months too. I would keep storytelling.

Michael Corley said...

But JAL! Wouldn't you at least get plastic surgery for hookers???

The League said...

I think the question is:

Like... an illusionist type magic with a stain cape, or, like, conjuring demons to do your bidding?

Michael Corley said...

Definatly the illusionist type. The whole demon thing doesn't get you the laaaaadies.

Anonymous said...

1a. Trip to one of the poorest Orhpanages in Mexico or Central America, spend a week there to see what its like for those kids
1b. A trip to beautiful and quiet place, far off land (Austria, New Zealand, Alaska) to contemplate the amazing gift that had just fallen into my lap, and to reconcile that wealth my responsibility to use it for something beyond creature comforts.

2) A car more than 50k, and any shirt more than $100 or shoes more than $200(Unfortunately men's dress shoes can often be in the $100-$200 range even on sale).

3) I would work, but probably doing something different. I would keep the law office open but be very selective about what cases to take and really try and provide some justice to people who have no money to seek it themselves.