Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The League Volunteer Challenge

Jason was trying to beat me to the punch on this, but... The League is going to steal his thunder.

Ladies and germs, I throw down the gauntlet.

At the urging of President and Mrs. Obama to get off our duffs and volunteer, this Saturday I'm headed down the Capital Area Foodbank to spend a few hours, reportedly polishing food cans or some such (apparently we need to clean all the cans because who knows where they've been).

Late Edit: Before you show up on Saturday morning, the Foodbank actually wants you to sign up first before showing up. They do this to manage numbers, I assume. I was also going to gauge interest before moving forward on signing people up for this activity. If its totally awful, then I'm not going to be suggest it as a volunteer opportunity.

Jason had some wheels spinning and began opining that he might try to have an Adventurers volunteer meet-up with the Foodbank. But I say thee nay. Steanso shall not upstage me.

Surely we can recruit Austin Area Leaguers (once I've checked this thing out and find out its not some scam where, once inside, they take your wallet).

Of Local Leaguers, who would be up for spending a morning or afternoon volunteering if Steanso and I put together a meet-up? Not this weekend, but in the near future?

Let's use our power for good, Leaguers.


J.S. said...

Well, I'm all for the volunteering, but this weekend may be a little quick (plus, I'm trying to score some Springsteen tickets Saturday morning). I vote for a Saturday afternoon.
All of you Leaguers pony up, too. The smallest good deed is worth more than the greatest good intention (so having a head full of happy ideas don't mean crap if you don't ever help a brother out).

The League said...

There's been some confusion on this, so please see the note in the post.

I'm just gauging interest on this thing for a FUTURE possible joint volunteering session. We'll need a couple week's notice if we want to make it a group effort.

I happened to already sign up to go by myself. I welcome anyone to sign up, but I'm not banging the drum for this Saturday. I'll check it out and see if its awful.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to lend a hand. Just not this weekend (already have plans will be out of town). I recommend putting it far enough off people can plan for it.


The League said...

When I get an accurate headcount, I will see what I can do. That was the gameplan all along.