Thursday, April 23, 2009


Should I be:

1) comforted to know there are fewer bullets available?
2) terrified that all the bullets are sold to people who would use them against me?
3) disappointed that Central Texas is also full of wingnuts that believe an Obama administration would mean the end times and who are stocking up, a la Timothy McVeigh?
4) angry with ammunition suppliers for failing to keep up with demand?
5) curious as to who owns the bullets?
6) joining Lou Dobbs in believing its all the Cartels?
7) buying my own weaponry and getting ready for my life to turn into "The Magnificent Seven?"
8) not surprised? This is Texas.
9) admitting its me who has all the bullets?
10) thinking bullets should cost $5 a piece if cigarettes are $7 a pack.


rhpt said...

I choose nos. 2, 3, 7, 8, and maybe 10.

Anonymous said...

Dude, we're just getting ready for the secession. Come on, get with it, and get your bullets. Those yankees won't let us go without a fight.

Seriously, every year for my birthday I selfishly buy myself something that I want and nobody else would ever give me. Last year it was a pair of nice boots.

This year: a pistol. I haven't actually bought it yet because I'm not sure what I want and I am reading and shopping, and I'm gonna hit the firing range before making a purchase. But I just figured, I have always in my mind wanted one. Why do I want one, you ask ? This may sound dumb to you, and that's fine, I really don't care, but the reason I want one is because I can buy one. We are one of very few countries in the world that allows are citizens to arm themselves for hunting, protection, for permitting a militia, or just for collecting, or sport shooting, or civil war reenacting, whatever. But I just feel it is my birthright as an American and a Texan to have one. So I'm going to buy one. And you know what, after looking at it, taking it down to the range for a shooting, I am going to put trigger locks on it, put it in my safe at the office, and probably never take it out again for another 10 years, but I will be a pistol owner. Shoot I may even get me a Concealed Handgun permit. Like I said, I won't ever carry it, but I figure if the government is going to let me, I might as well.

I already own a shotgun, and a 30-30 and they both sit in a closet gathering dust, and the pistol will be no differnet. But it will be mine. Apparently I won't be able to buy bullets for it, but that's fine by me too, i guess.

Okay, flame away


The League said...

When and if I would ever say I'm for gun control, its because I prefer that nobody ever take a bullet. Maybe I read too much Batman as a kid, but I firmly DO believe that guns make it to easy to take a life, and that devalues life.

But I'm not necessarily anti-gun. I'm anti-poor management of guns. I still remember when a kid got killed on Pickfair when we were kids because one picked up his dad's gun and shot, I believe, his brother. All an accident, but a trigger lock may have gone a long way to keep that family away from tragedy.

Licenses like you got as a kid, along with training and education from both your parents and from, I think a formal class you took all go a long way.

I don't know that I'll ever be convinced Americans need fully automatic weaponry for personal safety. Nor should they tuck loaded weapons into their sweatpants, Plaxico Burress. I can't envision myself purchasing a gun. I don't hunt (I like to sleep in and not be covered in deer blood), and will use my karate to defend myself, I guess. I'm also pretty sure that by the time I realized someone had the drop on me, I'd be a goner, anyway.

The post came out of a few scattered reports I've read that there have been people hording weaponry, apparently passing messages around that Obama and Co. are going to come and take away their guns and probably force them into gay marriage while they're at it.

I am hopeful the low bullet supply is not a sign of a paranoid fantasy playing out. Pre-internet, proliferation of paranoid AM radio, etc... We already had one paranoid guy believing he was defending his freedom in Timothy McVeigh.

J.S. said...

Actually, this may surprise you, Peabo, but I actually think it sort of makes some sense to have a gun in the office if you're an attorney and you handle cases where clients (or opposing parties) might get really, really upset (when I first started practicing, a family law attorney who officed down the street from us was killed when the husband of one of his divorce clients walked into his office and just started shooting people). Keep that gun far, far away from your kid, but I don't think that having guns for personal protection in your home or business is necessarily unreasonable. Somehow I feel differently about people having guns in their home or office for protection as opposed to knowing that people are just wandering around with them (I think it's the idea that people are subjecting ME to having a gun around that I might not know about when they carry it around in public). Ideally I would rather see guns just restricted to rifles and shotguns (which are pretty hard to secretly carry around), but I don't have much issue if people want guns in their homes to protect themselves.