Monday, April 20, 2009

Cardinal Sin

is to blog about blogging.

But I'd feel remiss if it were Monday and there was nothing to greet you in your Reader or when you clicked over to The League and found I'd last updated on last week's news.

For shame.

I did finally blog over at Comic Fodder for, really, the first time since Watchmen was released. I have not said as much, but its been increasingly difficult to blog on comics of late. Some of it is time related, and part of it is the let down of the Watchmen film, mixed with the conclusion of "Final Crisis", which I am remaining silent upon until I read it all, all over again (but which left me drained). Part of it is that I don't like commenting upon ongoing stories, because its a bit like writing a new review of a movie at every fifteen minute point of that movie. And my favorite DC titles are now embroiled in year-long storylines. So... maybe in the fall?

I also am having a hard time finding time to read comics. Work is busy, and life has been busy. I'm stunned when I realize that people with kids and a job find time to not just read comics, but to write about them.

I am not sure I'm ready to give up the ghost on the column at Comic Fodder quite yet, but I'm fairly certain the Signal Watch column sort of put me off the whole thing for a while. It was making me worry too much about other blogs, and I felt like the whole thing just wasn't worth the time.

And, occasionally, I feel badly that League of Melbotis strayed so far from its original, comic-book themed roots so I could devote those columns to Comic Fodder. I always felt that there was something fun in tying the daily journal bit with the comic and movie stuff, and getting everything in once place.

But that's not really how blogs work anymore, if they ever did. They're on a theme, and you stick to that theme, or people aren't going to read. Which is why we're at about 45 readers a day here, and that includes about 40 hits from people looking for pictures of Supergirl Naked.

Actually, we get a lot more people looking for Rachael from Bladerunner and Bonnie from Knight Rider these days.

Not much to report. It was beautiful here today. We cleaned the garage. I went through a box of work stuff from ASU, much of which is actually not winding up in a landfill. Walked Lucy for a while. Watched an episode of "Cheaters" on G4, which is sort of the television equivalent of huffing paint (if "Rock of Love" is, indeed, TV crack).


J.S. said...

The theme of my blog is "Stuff Jason Wants to Write About".

NTT said...

Cheaters is fake. It's filmed in Dallas and my ex-girlfriend helped work on the production fyi.

J.S. said...

Wow. NTT, did YOU ever appear on an episode of Cheaters?! Is THAT why you're saying it's fake?!?!?!?!

The League said...

Somehow, knowing Cheaters is fake makes me sad. It all seems kind of crazy that they would even have to make the show up. Its pretty by-the-book cheating, but I guess actually entrapping people in public is harder than I'd guessed.

Boy, if I found out my favorite documentary show, the one about The Office, was a fake, I'd be so sad...

J.S. said...

You know what's another fake documentary? All of those vacation videos and home movies we have of you as a kid. You were grown in a vat, implanted with false memories, and harvested at the age of 18.

The League said...

I wish the scientists had made me less fat. Shoddy workmanship.

J.S. said...

It's an imperfect technology. And they weren't counting on you having an addiction to wagon wheels.

NTT said...

I, disappointingly to all, have not appeared on Cheaters. I'd amend my statement and say that a lot of the situations on Cheaters is fake. Some do involve real couples but a good amount is done by groups of friends who act their roles for the production.