Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music Post

So circa 1992, League-Pal Shauna C suggested I check out a band called "My Bloody Valentine". After I realized my tape deck wasn't busted and that was just what they sounded like, I became quite a fan of their album, "Loveless". It sort of fell in with other stuff I was listening to at the time, like "Lush" and "Curve". But, I thought a bit better.

I don't have many albums from back then that I still listen to. I'll listen to specific tracks, but end-to-end album listening is limited. But Loveless still gets a listen from time to time. In the end, I liked them a lot better than Lush or Curve or whatever.

So today I checked in on Facebook, and a former co-worker mentioned he was going to see MBV tonight. I had no idea they were in the US, let alone in Austin. And, of course, it was the first time I've had plans on a week night in, like, two years. Jason and I were going to see Spoon at The Scoot Inn. I like Spoon. I really do. And we never, ever go to shows any more (although we have two more booked in the next few weeks.)

I had somehow got it in my head that maybe MBV, who was touring Europe, would be here for ACL Fest if they were coming to Austin at all. So I quit checking their site for tour updates a while back.

In short, I missed the show. But I did see Spoon. Whom I also like. I'm still trying to work the karmic balance of all that out in my head.


I am enjoying the new Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. It's a lot closer to what I thought "Fever to Tell" was going to be, but then was sort of disappointed when it was not. I always like it when a band decides to do more of what they're good at.

Also finally got the new Heartless Bastards on my iPod, so that's tomorrow.

Have been listening to "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" which sort of begs the question of how necessary the other half of "Dresden Dolls" really is, but sometimes you just want it to be a "Dresden Dolls" album, and other times you're glad it is not.

And I admit that I'm one of the people who is listening to Dan Deacon. I am going out on a limb here, but is Bromst (his latest) his attempt to be the Philip Glass of his genre? I prefer the new album to Spiderman of the Rings. Partially because I don't feel like I've been taking crazy pills if I listen to it for three songs in a row.

And Deacon played Emo's on Friday.

More Shows

I think were seeing Black Joe Louise & The Honeybears in a week or so, and then Jamie is joining us for TV on the Radio.


I guess I need to start reading the frikkin' Chronicle again.

So that's whats going on with me.


Nathan said...

I heard Black Joe Louis live on KUT when I was driving home from Austin last month. He was smokin'. You should enjoy the show.

I never see live music now unless it's during the daytime!

The League said...

If I recall, San Antonio used to have lots of outdoor festivals with live music. I remember hitting at least one all day jazz festival downtown with you. You can start now on Sam and Max, getting them indoctrinated in the groovy tunes.

I had a great time watching Spoon, even as they worked out kinks for their new album, tour, whatever. I am very pumped about the next two shows.

J.S. said...

That should be the Chronicles slogan:
"Read the frikkin' Chronicle. Or you'll miss sh*t."

NTT said...

I've recently discovered Bon Iver. Great stuff. That's my recommendation for the month. You can find the videos on Youtube.

The League said...

I am also a huge fan of Burl Ives. You really cannot go wrong when you put on one of his 33rpm's, especially his Christmas stuff.

Nathan said...

Samantha & Maximilian went to their first "show" this past Sunday, when we saw Terri Hendrix play at the Fiesta Arts Fair. We're all big fans of Terri. Samantha was thrilled to get her photo taken with her following the show.

Yeah, Jazz'S Alive is the big two-day, all day jazz festival in September in San Antonio. It's pretty good. Local acts throughout the day, headliners at night, and ALL FREE! In the past, I got to see Arturo Sandoval, George Benzon, Joe Zawinul, Michael Brecker..... wow.

nathan said...

Oops, I mean George Benson.

The League said...

I'm almost positive I was at the Arturo Sandoval show. It's a cool festival. And I don't recall it costing anything, either. It was either free or extraordinarily cheap.

J.S. said...

Terri Hendrix used to play at Billie Blues when I was working there in the summers during college, and she was always a very sweet, nice person. It's been great to see her becoming more and more successful, and it's cool that you guys are fans!!