Monday, April 20, 2009

A Wagon Wheel!

Wilser Gets a Book Published

It seems a high school pal has written a book and it has been published. Congrats to Jeff Wilser and the publication of his book, "The Maxims of Manhood".

I'm going to go out on a limb here and point out that Jeff was a great guy in high school. Sure, a little mouthy and opinionated, but in an endearing kind of way. I sort of figured he'd become a politico or something, but he's a sort of writer-for-hire for several hip sources, from GQ to VH1. A little different from the debate club champ and lacrosse player who lived around the block.

I wonder if he knows whatever happened to Margaret?

How About a Wagon Wheel?

As kids, I think Jason and I mutually hated this smarmy little bastard.

For some reason, lately Jason and I find suggesting that if someone's hungry, they should have a Wagon Wheel, absolutely hilarious. The best part is that Jamie really doesn't find it funny at all.

That little blob of yellow in a hat haunted the Saturday morning cartoons for a few crucial years of my youth. I have no doubt that if it was on TV, I would have asked my Mom if I could have a Wagon Wheel. But I don't remember ever having one. I have to assume she said something along the lines of "No. You can't have cheese. Go find an apple." Just sitting and eating cheese was not something that The KareBear would have thought a particularly bright idea, especially with two kids who were growing so fast they would be happy sitting and eating a hunk of cheddar the size of a car battery.

Jason also pointed out that the little guy in the hat actually looks like a blob of cholesterol trying to find a home in your veins.

So go figure.

Movie Review

I forgot to mention I saw "State of Play" over the weekend. It's about what you'd expect.

I think I'll probably forget I ever saw it in about three months, but a decent flick.

They did show a trailer for "Public Enemies" about John Dillinger and starring Johnny Depp. That actually looked watchable, and from what reading I did on Dillinger a long time ago, and from shows I've watched on cable, I think there's probably a pretty good movie in there somewhere.

I'll be curious to see how we handle the story of a guy like Dillinger in our current economic situation.

Directed by Michael Mann, which means it will either be 4 hours long or end with a scene cut to the extended rendition of "In a Gadda da Vida" (Manhunter! Whoooo!).


J.S. said...

I think you need to host a "Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese" party where you serve wagon wheels, dress in the cowboy hat, and take on the mannerisms and speech of the talking chloresterol blob.

Michael Corley said...

My daughter informed me I could make delicious treats by putting kool-aid in a ice tray and putting sticks atop and freezing.

I said, "I know, my child, I know".

The cheese man told us already.

NTT said...

As a kid I thought the "wagon wheel" commercials were just strange and totally out there. I thought I was missing some American reference or thing as a immigrant that everyone understood.

I know it turned me off on eating any type of cheese unless it was on a hamburger for most of my childhood.

The League said...

You story is poignant and bizarre and completely understandable. I don't know what was up with cartooning for kids in the 1970's (oh, wait. Yes I do. Drugs.), but there was a huge amount of oddly nightmarish stuff like this that was supposed to appeal to us as youngsters.

I actually remember thinking that Wagon Wheels must be common in some other part of the country, because nobody I knew ever made or ate a #$%@ing "Wagon Wheel". And I was also surprised to find out as an adult that it was just cheese ans crackers. I thought it was some complicated confection when I was little.