Tuesday, June 02, 2009

52 weeks later

So, apparently its been a year since I did anything to organize my comics. I consume a lot of comics (a LOT of comics), and I've gotten sort of good at hiding various piles around the house or briskly walking people past the piles so they won't notice them.

But I knew they were there.

I know its been a full year as I realized I had the entire run of "Trinity", which wraps this week, unbagged and unboarded in my stacks. Trinity ran weekly for a year (52 issues).

Anyway, I'm now taking on the monumental task of sorting, bagging & boarding, indexing and boxing a year's worth of comics. It's going to take a while. So if I sort of disappear on you, its because I am geeking out and trying to get a handle on chaos in my own home.

I did notice that my diversity of floppies has reduced to a lot fewer categories. I'm clearly not quite as adventurous as I was in that direction. I think I've refocused those energies to graphic novels and collections.

Anyhow, I'm off to nerd-out once again.


J.S. said...

You know someone really loves something when they find it an entertaining, relaxing diversion to just spedn time organizing for it and doing maintenance work.

NTT said...

Floppies just aren't worth it anymore. Course I've been harping about that for years so people have tuned me out.

At least the League hasn't gone to the extreme of a utilizing a comics indexing software and a bar code scanner like I've seen some collectors have done.

J.S. said...

Uh, NTT, he was pondering the possibility of that software/scanner setup the other night at dinner....

The League said...

...ha ha ha... that would be (ha!) crazy! Ha. (wipes brow)

I actually do use comicpriceguide.com to keep track of the collection. Its part of a master plan to get collectors' insurance at some point.* But mostly it keeps me from re-buying back issues of Jimmy Olsen and Superman.

No UPC scanner, but, yeah... if it were cheaper and made sense to do, I'd consider it. It'd be a lot faster.

*I'd like to think that pile of junk is worth something, should my house burn down. I could at least wipe away the tears with $100 bills.

NTT said...

Le Sigh...The League has succumbed.

Let it be not said that I do not support my fellow nerd brethren.

Behold! The Intelliscanner Comic Book Edition


Only $129.99.

Fantomenos said...

Yeah, "Trinity" makes for a handy guide to how behind you are. I just checked, and #35 is the last one in my long-box. Was I the only one who thought DC was going to segue right into Wednesday comics?

Oh, any chance we'll see a review of the new Batman & Robin? I liked it, but I'm a sucker for Wind in the Willows cameos.

Oh, and my word verification is "kippyrat". Awesome.

The League said...

I don't mind a break between Trinity and Wednesday comics, but... I think they cleared the decks and reduced DC offerings this week to get people to try Batman and Robin.

If Wednesday Comics weren't such a unique experiment, I sincerely doubt I'd be getting onboard with another weekly at this point.

Off to read Batman and Robin!

The League said...

Well, I'll think about the scanner. It seriously could save me a lot fo time. I just need to make sure it would work with what I'm doing now, and that it wouldn't mean re-entering 6000 comics in a database (though I could look at exporting my current collection as a .csv file and...).