Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movie Trailers We Should Discuss

In addition to the upcoming "Whip It", I saw a few new trailers this weekend online (not at the cinema) that might be of interest to the genre-nerds at LoM.

1. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Sort of makes me want to throw up. I'm not sure why. Something about the animated imagery doesn't set quite right.

For reasons unknown to me, they've disabled embedding (get with it, Disney).

Click here.

As a "Just Say No" message, this trailer fails completely. However, I think if I look at the trailer enough, that off-kilter-nausea will go away and I can just enjoy the movie for the visual feast it seems to be.

Haven't read Carroll since 1995, so I need to remember what went where.

Also, Carla and JAL and I should digitize our Film 1 Carroll-inspired piece and put it on YouTube. Not sure I actually have a copy anymore.

Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber's "Whiteout"

based on the Greg-Rucka-penned graphic novel of the same name. Only now with more Kate Beckinsale.

Here's Rucka's own info on Whiteout.

Tron Legacy

I'm not as big a Tron nut as some, but its true to say that when Tron was released, my Dad made an official "we will no longer talk about Tron at the dinner table" rule.

The trailer from last year's Con was never officially released, but it's up now.

And it is a sight to behold for us Tron-raised-kids.

Iron Man Anime

Iron Man produced, etc... in Japan.

I have mixed feelings on changing things up for the kids who won't look at anything that doesn't look as if it came from our neighbors across the Pacific. I certainly don't believe its going to bring them to the main product. But it is a cool experiment, and Iron Man and his cast of villains seem a great fit for Anime sensibilities.

There's also an anime Wolverine movie that I confess to finding ridiculous. But I also think Superman's costume is a great idea, so work with that information.


Steven said...

Doesn't the light burnish effect on Tony's suit make him look a little bit like a dance-club icon? Like something that you could play some Daft Punk under?

J.S. said...

That Tron trailer looks pretty cool. I'm not so sure about the direction that they took with Whiteout. It looks like they tried to make it into some big, high octane action adventure story, when I thought the book felt a lot more like a stylish mystery, thriller, with the emphasis sort of falling upon the sense of isolation and the hostile conditions that the people were living under. I think Whiteout might have been better served by making it a smaller, quieter (but still intense) movie.

Simon MacDonald said...

I loved Whiteout the book so I hope it is half as good in the theater.

Tron looks amazing! I too am not allowed to talk about that show at the dinner table and consequently was never allowed on a motorcycle by my parents for fear of me trying to reproduce some of the light cycle tricks.