Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Small Post Tuesday

An Important Excursion, Part 2

Jamie took most of the pictures, so if you want to see the trip in some quick snapshots, here's the link to Jamie's write-up.

Poe Comic Out

I neglected to mention it, but the Poe comic, written by Austin's own J. Barton Mitchell was released last week. JackBart (that's what we J. Barton here at The League) has told me repeatedly that "the first issue is a little slow". So, while I didn't find it to be so, the author did.

If only someone could have fixed that! But WHO?

I kid of course. I think it's a "slow boil" sort of thing, so do with that what you will.

Anyhow, go to your local comic retailer (when in Austin, try Austin Books) and ask for it by name! Poe! (It's about Edgar Allen Poe, not pop rock sensation, "Poe". Just FYI.)

Here's a preview at CBR.

JackBart if off to San Diego to do signings at the Boom! Studio booth, where he has promised to get me a signed copy of Irredeemable from Mr. Waid. Which would be nifty.

Dune Report

I'm actually reading Dune and enjoying it. So I'm off to go read more of it. That and comics.


J.S. said...

Hooray for Jackbart!!!! Hooray for Poe!!!
And Jackbart, if you're out there, I haven't forgotten about the backyard movie thing, and I still want to do it sometime if you're cool with it. Of course, we might want to wait until it's not so freaking hot.

NTT said...

Remember, the Sleeper has Awakened.

Also, beware of Bene Gesserits bearing gifts.

Michael Corley said...

Somewhere, floating about the school systems, is a recording of me reading the "Raven" for a video on diction. Many moons after it was recorded, my couisin in Louisiana sprang from her chair and said, "Hey! That's my cousin Michael!"

Poe cannot die.

J.S. said...

Is "all will be well" a quote from somewhere?

tachyonshuggy said...


I learned HTML building a tribute site to the guy who made this track. The flip side is also Dune-samples heavy but I can't find the non-remix version:


The League said...

"all will be well" is the, uhm, un-battle-cry of the Blue Lanterns.