Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maintenance Thursday

Not-Attending Comic-Con (again)

I have a hard time envisioning a future in which I will ever get around to attending the San Diego Comic-Con. This year I sort of thought about it, but the tickets for the full-event sold out before I ever realized they were on sale. And forget about a hotel room...

It looks like folks are having fun out there. DC already had their Superman panel, which is always sort of odd, because the idea is to get people excited about upcoming Superman comics, but without giving away the store.

At least nobody is asking if "Superman is really Superman or Clark Kent" anymore. I think that's sort of been resolved. The answer: That's not been relevant in twenty years.

The League's own JackBart is out there at the Boom! Studios booth promoting his comic, "Poe", and reportedly already landed me a signed copy of Irredeemable and The Muppets.

Jack is signing copies of Poe for me when he gets back.

I guess I'd like to go at some point, just for the spectacle, to say I've had that fan experience, so-on-and-so-forth. But, jeez... that's a lot of money. Not just travel, hotel, etc... but the point of Comic-Con is to also find those items that might not make it to your local shop, discover new material, etc... In short: to spend dough.

It all seems a little counter-productive, in an odd way. Of course, my local comic shop is pretty darn well stocked, so, I'm spoiled. In a lot of ways, I should have done it when we lived in Phoenix and I could have just driven in for a day or two.

But then you also see that DC has, for reasons I care not to think about, approved this statue in their line of "Anime Inspired" takes on their characters, and debuted it at the Con.

Actually, the WW statue might almost be okay in a "300"-meets-Grrl-Power, but the rest of the line looks more like this (that'd be WW's teen counter-part, Wonder Girl, who actually does own pants. Not just underwear and chaps).

Given how long this line has survived, someone is buying it, which means there's going to be quite a bit of this stuff from a lot more folks than DC at the Con. And if it is you who is filling your Ikea shelving with this stuff, know that I am making fun of you. My house is littered with seemingly nerdy stuff, and even I think its ridiculous. Get a girlfriend.

I am sorry

Jamie, i am sorry about the sandwich thing. I just don't really like curry. It's nobody's fault.

Is it any wonder...?

...why I never get bored?


J.S. said...

Awwwww, like a Muslim to Mecca, I think you know that you need to make the pilgrimage at least once. (if Jackbart says it's not worth it, that would be one thing. On the other hand, if Jackbart stays in the industry, says it doesn't suck, and goes back out there again,we definitely need to ride out there to meet up with his punk ass for sure)

Michael Corley said...

Four years ago I was in Irvine on a weekend with nothing to do. Yes, it was the same weekend as the comic-con. However, haing just started with Allergan, I envisioned nasty complications if I screwed up the whole travel of Irvine to S. Diego round trip. I regret not going, though. I gotta get me some of that. Mayhap when Isabel is older and we can wrap it around a vacation? Booyah.