Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So, Final Crisis: Legion of 3-Worlds #5




Ohhhh.... mercy!

Man. Geoff Johns. That was great. That's going to go down as one of my favorite comics/ uses of medium/ use of the DCU/ weird-good/ character returns/ whatever-the-hell-that-was in quite a while.

I heart you, DCU.

Bonus Comic Stuff:

Green Lantern and Tales of the Corps... both good reads this week.

I don't really get the faux-exasperated comments I've seen online about people can't believe that there's, basically, bad stuff happening that our heroes will have to problem-solve.

Getting bent out of shape about the budget-busting spin-offs? Sure. Accusations of Zombie-ism? Okay (maybe. I mean, its obvious, right?). And, yeah, there's some nasty, bad stuff... but they are inhuman-alien-space-fascists bent on the annihilation of living things. So... you know. I don't expect them to just rob banks or make giant robots to stomp through town.

So far so good on Blackest Night.

Anyhow, I'm thinking about how this project was managed, versus how other events have been handled, and it sort of hurts one's brain to ponder Countdown as a lead in to Final Crisis as event and how badly mismanaged that one was.


NTT said...

You should check out the Google Search Engine page. DC pulled a major coup having its heroes spell the Google name.

The League said...

I saw that! In celebration of Comic-Con, I suppose.

I bet Marvel gets it tomorrow.

Gonna be spending a lot of time online this weekend reading Con reports.

The League said...

Oh, and NTT... Don't know if you read that issue, but I tip my hat to Johns and how they wrapped up Prime's storyline (for now, I guess).

E-mail me if you read it.

NTT said...

I haven't touched Legion of 3 Worlds. If I need to, the store I go to can gather all the issues for me to read. They're very efficient.

The League said...

Well, pick up the last issue and just check out the last half or so.

Your mileage will vary.

Simon MacDonald said...

The wrap up to Prime's story was some of the best meta-fiction I've read in awhile. Funny that it came out the same week as SDCC.