Monday, November 02, 2009

Dune Book Club

In the spirit of both Jamie and I finishing "Dune", and now watching the Sci-Fi Channel's devoted but slightly goofy 2000-era mini-series, I wanted to point to a new web project by comic creators and fans which is devoted to Dune.


And, geez... will someone just fund Paul Pope so he can create a whole Dune graphic novel instead of doing single pages for his own benefit?



J.S. said...

Yeah, it's a little goofy. Lynch's version is kind of whacked out, too.
The second miniseries, Children of Dune, at least does a better job of portraying the sort of epic scale involved with a royal family that's governing a big part of the galaxy.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Dune is great. I loved the movie and both TV miniseries. Its the price you have to pay to get to see the book filmed the way it was. Epic and rich. Yeh, I am one of those rabid Dune fans and I agree with you totally about Pope's treatment.

The League said...

Mostly, I just can't get over the "done on the cheap" costuming of the SciFi Channel's Dune. It almost looks like it was made for the stage, where they were counting on you not to be able to see detail. Lynch had missteps, but that wasn't one of them.

Also, the guy plays Yueh was not great. I kept feeling the urge to shout "ACTING!" after every one of his lines.

But its faithfulish, and has some nice stuff, even if they disposed of the complicated matter of the inner-monologues.

NTT said...

I seem to remember that the director of the miniseries had a stage background instead of a film one. But I'm not totally certain. That's probably why it's filmed the way it is.

The League said...