Saturday, November 07, 2009

Yes, We Are Still Shutting Down/ Future Plans

I am flattered that Leaguers are asking about whether or not we're still shutting down, whether we'll continue on, if there aren't possibilities for other outlets, etc...

Its always been a shock to me that so few have written in asking me to please, please just stop it seemed nice enough. Knowing that anyone gives a darn enough to ask that we should continue is a bit overwhelming.

To cut to the chase, here's the game plan.

1) December 20th, in the PM, I will have up the final post. It's done already.
2) We will continue to maintain a presence on Facebook at A lot of the smaller items you'd find here are what you'll find there. We're also on Twitter, but that's a repost of Facebook, so there you go.
3) April 21st, 2010, I will make a statement on Facebook in regards to any future plans for more blogging activity.

I need to give myself hard deadlines on this stuff as it will force decisions one way or another. I was a PM for a while.

Anyway, it's been suggested I talk about favorite posts.

Rather than do that (because I've got 3,300+ posts) I welcome you guys to guest-post on any particular League-related topic, post, etc... that caught your fancy. You can contact me via e-mail. We'll run those right up until that last week.

I will, I believe, have some sort of series of "before we go" posts to wrap things up. So, if you have any requests, send them in. We live to serve, and I'll be looking for ideas for generating content. And, no, I have no idea what I mean by "if you have any requests".


horus kemwer said...

What the F? You're quitting? Why does every blogger I ever read quit? You guys are F-ing with my morning routine. Basterds.

The League said...

Yup. Refer to this post:

J.S. said...

Long... slow... ending...

"Arrakis teaches the attitude of the knife — chopping off what's incomplete and saying: 'Now it's complete because it's ended here.'"

J.S. said...

Of course, I prefer that The League continue to entertain me during my work day (meaning that it's probably actually a benefit to the taxpayers of Travis County that the whole thing come to an end).

The League said...

Had I cut the thing off abruptly, it would go poorly. I prefer to take the risk of taking too long to end the thing, but knowing its got a stopping point.

J.S. said...

Also, as much as I like your blog- death before Twitter.

The League said...

I am only reposting my Facebook stuff there (automagically). I can recognize that some users live in Twitter.

horus kemwer said...

Dear League,

I read in your comments to the fatal post:

"I have a writing project I started in 1997 that's been on ice on and off, and has made almost no progress since I started LoM, and where I'd like to re-direct my energy to give it that one, big shot.

"I've also got some drawing stuff I want to work on, and get back in shape for cartooning, which I hardly do anymore at all."

I permit you to quit blogging if and only if you pursue these activities seriously which, admittedly, are much more worthwhile than blogging.