Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween is Done for Another Year

The great thing about everyone showing up as Green Lanterns? Until there's 7300 of you or so, there really aren't too many. That's Reed and Your Friendly Neighborhood League.

I want to thank so many of our friends for coming by on Halloween night! I know there are infinite options on such a night (and its one night that if you stayed in and watched horror movies rather than show up for a party, I might believe you weren't just blowing me off), so thanks to all for getting dressed up and joining us at League HQ.

We had a lot of trick-or-treaters, who started around 6:30 and wrapped it up around 9:00. Our first guest showed up to watch the game around 7:15, and so we were sort of dividing attention for a bit there. Happily, almost everyone wound up in a costume of one sort or another.

In the end we had:

Supergirl: Jamie
Green Lantern: Ryan
Zombie thing: Jason (Jason also helped hand out candy and gave the kids a spooky experience)
Green Lantern: Reed
Tippi Hedren from The Birds: Nicole
Rod Taylor from The Birds: Matt
Tippi Hedren from The Birds: Tania
a cat burglar: Justin
Cop: Bill
Crook: Lynn
Project Runway contestant: Jonathan
Project Runway model: Billi Jo
MadMen Don Draper: Steven
MadMen Joan Holloway: Lauren
Super Pat: Pat
Knight from The Holy Grail: Juan G
Punky Brewster: Letty
Star Fleet Officer: Julia

Here are pictures by Julia that I swiped from Facebook

Julia actually worked out her Starfleet rank. She's a Chief Engineer.

Super Pat! His power? Cheering on the Horns, anytime, anywhere.

Green Lantern and Supergirl wish you a mighty Halloween.

Don Draper (Mr. Harms) and Joan Holloway (Ms. Roth) enjoy the festivities

Garcia forgot his Holy Hand Grenade

Look, I'll be honest. Jason's costume totally freaked me out.

Matt and Nicole deal with a Hitchcockian dilemma

Billie and Jonathan rock the Project Runway thing

I know in the current age that parents have decided that they can't let their kids trick-or-treat, but our street is always swarming with kids, whose parents, I guess, aren't afraid of the urban legends about poisoned candies.

That's kind of nice.

Its also the only time we talk to our neighbors, people all seem to be in a good mood, and the kids aren't creeped out when you talk to them.

All in all, a happy Halloween!


Nathan said...

Those "Birds" costumes are totally awesome. Seriously, that's the best thing I've seen in a long time.

The League said...

The most interesting part was that we somehow wound up with two Tippi Hedren's (which is still not enough, in my book). Tania ALSO arrived covered in birds. Sadly, I couldn't find any pics.

The odds of two Tippi's and two GL's seems remote, but there you have it.

Nathan said...

Jason *does* look freaky, too. I'd be scared to death if I were a little kid.

Simon MacDonald said...

Looks like a fun party. We went around the new neighbourhood with Anna in her Sorceress costume. One of three she had for the various Halloween activities she was taking place in. Sadly, I went as a generic Doctor. Maybe next year I will be able to put all the pieces together on my Golden Age Sandman costume.

The League said...

That would be brilliant! Equal parts esoteric and creepy! I was supposed to be a mad scientist one year, but, honestly, just looked like a haggard doctor.

I need to look at your site to see if there are any images up of Anna.

Simon MacDonald said...

We don't have any costume pics up yet but I do have this pic of Anna and her pumpkin.

The League said...

That is quite a pumpkin Anna has there. Looks like you guys had a good Halloween!