Monday, November 02, 2009

Nicole Discovers She is Invulnerable (we hope)

So, walking to the garage with my co-workers this evening, Bill mentioned that on his way in, he'd seen a girl get hit by a car at one of the intersections. "She didn't cross at the wrong time," he said. "I have no idea what happened."

We talked a bit about how dodgy the intersections were, and I related a tale from when I'd seen a girl hit on campus, who sailed a dozen feet or so when co-eds were first pairing cell phones and SUVs.

Anyhow, I walked in the door about twenty-five minutes later to find Jamie on the phone.

"Nicole got hit by a car!"
"That was her?"
"How do you know?"

Anyway, sounds like Nicole, who is slightly larger than a breadbox, took on a car and lost, but is doing well. She's been to the hospital, and all her parts are where they're supposed to be. I don't have all the details yet, but she's home and chillaxing. So let's all be grateful that Nicole seems invulnerable to moving steel.


Steven said...

Good golly man!

Is she in need of material comfort or perishable food-stuffs?

The League said...

Jamie and I aggresively pursued the question, and it sounded like she's okay at the moment. I plan to check in on her again today, and assume Matt is helping out. More notes as events warrant.

J.S. said...

Oh no! And I'm pretty sure that I was present for a conversation a month or two ago (with Nicole) about how cars around the UT campus come perilously close to hitting pedestrians, even when the pedestrians are following the traffic signals.

Matt said...

I'm supposed to help out?

J.S. said...

Nicole, I hope you're feeling okay! Also, please stop assaulting cars.