Monday, April 27, 2009

Pig Flu


I'm not going to say this right, and I'm going to be taken the wrong way, but here we go.

I am aware that the flu/ Spanish Influenza/ Swine Flu/ Avian Flu, etc.... are all very serious.

But before we start saying "pandemic" and "epidemic", we should keep this in mind.

According to NOAA's National Severe Storms Laboratory, something like 100 people die from lightning strikes each year in the US, and about 500 are injured.

There are roughly 300 million Americans.

While lightning does not travel like a virus, before we all believe we're doomed from pig flu, let's get a handle on the statistics. Or else I suggest we start treating lightning as an epidemic.

As of today, they found 40 non-fatal cases of the flu in the US. You are more likely to die from lightning as of today in the US than you might from Pig Flu.

That could change tomorrow, but the number of cycles being lost as everyone calms everyone else and explains basic hygiene is sort of nuts. And I sincerely hope we don't see a return of La Grippe. I'm just not sure we're there yet.

That is all.


J.S. said...

Well, in spite of your cavalier attitude, I remain quite alarmed. Any sickness that can turn you into a pig is nothing to laugh at.

Michael Corley said...

I agree 100%. Anyone who says epidemic should be kicked in the nads.

rhpt said...

Should I Be Worried About Swine Flu?

The League said...

I wound up having to share Randy's link today at work.

NTT said...

We're in Phase 5!! Omigod Phase 5!

Shut down Madagascar! Get Bruce Willis into his time travel suit asap!