Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NTT asks... POLICY

NTT asks:

1. Why does this blog use a length of measure not officially recognized by any nation?

I think the Yurgh will really catch on as measure of both definitions of volume.

2. Did you order the Code Red?

Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be protected by men with guns...

3. What does Didio have on you to give Final Crisis a good review?

Nothing. Any story that ends with Superman eliminating the threat of an arch villain by singing the song of the vibrational frequency of the multi-verse is just going to find a warm place in my heart.

I still sort of feel that if readers could not find a bit of love for "Final Crisis",  they're not seeing the meta-story of the DCU as put down since Barry met Jay and Jimmy Olsen met the Newsboys.

4. Would you rather have a bottle in front of you or a frontal lobotomy?

The Ketel One drip.

5. If the League has an arch-villain, what are the rules of engagement?

The League is usually a bit dim and does not realize that anyone considers him "The Cursed League".  Somehow, as far as I know, I've made it this far without anyone setting out to destroy me.

However, the number of people who find me annoying knows no bounds.

Because its likely sooner or later my madcap ways will, indeed, draw the ire of someone who seeks to destroy me, I would do the following:

1)  be down about it for a while
2)  try to sort out what I did
3)  be down some more
4)  pledge to change
5)  utterly fail to improve any behavior
6)  kind of forget about it
7)  be passive aggresive
8)  get drunk and call the arch-villain and try to see what's up
9)  wait until an awkward social moment with lots of witnesses, and then insist "you never liked me, anyway"
10)  eat a lot out of stress


J.S. said...

I suggest that if someone is to really receive the Arch-Villain label, you make sure that they're the type of person that you won't lose a lot of sleep over upsetting. If you're going to feel bad about battling them, they may not actually be an arch villain.

The League said...

Well, if the definition is "not going to lose a lot of sleep over upsetting," I have a lot of arch-villains.