Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2004th Post

Hey, Leaguers!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Things are slow on the home front. Jamie's off one of her meds, and it's got her feeling a bit lowly until her body gets used to not having that particular med (withdrawal isn't as much fun as they made it look in "Trainspotting"). So we've mostly been sticking to the house and trying not to think too much about what kind of lousy weather we've been stuck with.

Really, I'm enjoying the rain and cold. After all, PHX has many things, but weather is not one of them. It's mostly the dogs who are making me feel bad. Poor doggies have been stuck inside for days.


I finally finished "In Cold Blood", a book I started some time ago. I know this because I have one of Jamie's business cards which reads "Human Code" as a place holder. I loved the book, but found it relentlessly depressing, so I would put it down for years at a time, and then have to start over. That, and I always read books in bits and spurts, and I started this one again right after we moved here, so... yeah.

Next up is "The March" which I received for Christmas. I also have "The Time Traveller's Wife" which JimD, Steven and Lauren all recommended to me, although Lauren said "It's a little pulpier than I thought it would be." Luckily, The League lives for pulp, so let's hope Lauren's reveal rings true.

Also, I'm reading a metric ton of comics. I just wish the Superman books were back on schedule.


I wanted to say thanks to all Leaguers. I enjoyed writing my 2000th post hoo-hah, but it was quite nice to get so many comments.

Hopefully we'll still be doing this in a few years, and we'll see where we are on posts at that time.


I'm back in.

Leaguer OH e-mailed me to ask my opinion of NetFlix, and it got me thinking about their service.

We'll see what happens this time, but a few things contributed to my decision

1- Talking in movies. There's less distracting talking at my house.
2- At $14.99 a month, rather than $16 for two people to hit the theater, I'm practically making money
3- My post office box is much closer here than in PHX, making the whole movie-by-mail thing less daunting.
4- I am now willing to manage my NetFlix queue to balance the "quality" movies with the very stupid. My first two movies? "The Grapes of Wrath" and "Manos: The Hands of Fate"
5- I no longer have forty movie channels. In Phoenix, we would subscribe to whole packages of movie channels. Couple that with the DVR, and I never really felt like I was at a loss for a movie to watch.
6- I do like movies. I have a degree to prove it.


J.S. said...

Netlfix is handy if you actually watch the movies and then mail them back in. It's a loser if you let them lay around for two weeks before getting around to watching them.

Anonymous said...

After I received your feedback I signed up for the 2 week trial of netflix. We got our first 2 movies last night and already added more to the queue.

Another friend of mine suggested the Blockbuster deal because of the convenience of being able to trade at the store but I am not sure that really suits our DVD viewing tendencies.

I'll keep you posted to see how it goes. Have you looked into the "friends" feature within netflix?

The League said...

Yeah, I'm in there somewhere. If you're signed up, I'll try to track you down.

RHPT said...

How the LoM hasn't been compiled into a book is beyond me.