Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Anonymous said...

maxwell lord was a cyborg? maxwell lord killed blue beetle? wonder woman snapped maxwell lord's neck, but now he's back?

wow. once you get out of the comics loop, you really get out of the comics loop. i was reading your review on comics fodder for grins, and came across the name maxwell lord. i recognized it, but could not remember him. searching on wikipedia for maxwell lord, i came across a ton of stuff, and remembered him from JLI (i still have the first 15 or 20 issues of that title). i guess i stopped regularly purchasing comics in the early 90s, and my head was spinning with all of the various leagues, justice society's, ultimen, etc. i think i still have some of the original crisis on infinite earths that they put out in the early 90s (or late 80s). i haven't been reminded in awhile about the complexity of plot lines and the effects of having different writers in comic book series. add on top of that crossover titles, etc.

once the comic book train leaves the station, it's pretty hard to get back on. it would probably take me years to catch up with DCU.

i think i just got scared back out of comics again. i'll stick to reading your reviews, posts, and watching movies.

some day when we both have time, and we're bored, i may start asking you for a brain dump on DCU over the last 10 years.

The League said...

I am happy to brain dump anytime on the DCU. And I am happy to spend as much time as necessary, or to loan you as many comics as necessary to get you back up to speed.

By the way, I will gladly buy any Crisis comics you have, as well as your JLI.