Friday, January 26, 2007

Schrodinger's Bath

Oh, sweet Christmas...

You kind of have to have a mean streak to enjoy this, so this should be perfect for a lot of you.

Automated Cat Bath.

Thanks to Jamie for the link.


J.S. said...

I'm not a cat lover, and even I felt bad for that cat.

RHPT said...

I saw this the other day, and I thought it was just cruel. That poor cat.

The League said...

Given that the worst thing to happen to the cat is that it got wet, I think it was a pretty low-level of cruel. I thought it fell far more into the "bad idea" category. Jeff would have to be covered in molasses before I'd ever consider that contraption as an option.

J.S. said...

The problem is that the cat doesn't understand what's happening and associates the sensation of being that wet with drowning. So what you see in the video is a cat who thinks its dying. Good to see you think that's funny, you completely evil S.O.B.

(Ok, I chuckled while watching it, too. Once.)

RHPT said...

What Steanso said.

The League said...

Oh, horse hockey, you sissies. I've got a cat and cats think everything is going to kill them. They have no concept of drowning, just fear of water. Just as paper bags scare cats, fans coming on scare cats and closing doors scare cats.

Jeff has fallen in the shower with me often enough (he likes to walk between the two curtains), that I've seen him wet plenty of times. I'm not suggesting that you should try this at home, but the cat is fine.

Randy, don't become the weird cat guy.

RHPT said...

I think it's too late for that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe even people bathed cats and quit letting them walk around like the dirty little dander filled filth mops they are, the cat would have an f'n clue.

I bathe Homer in the shower and he takes his bathing like a man..... errr, okay, like a male dog.

And just so everyone doesn't think I've moved to Greece and joined the local Steam Bath Association, Homer is my dog.

Cats freaking out in water = funny.

Cat thinking he is drowning = funnier.

Cat actually drowning = hilarious

(Okay I am just kidding about the drowning and about to drown)


Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard I think that I sprained an abdominal muscle.

There are some neighborhood cats around here that I would love to see "bathed".

Former fan of cats,

(I liked cats just fine until they started taking horrific dumps in my flower beds.)

The League said...

Better the neighbor's cats than the actual neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Point taken.

I am pretty sure I would tazer any of my neighbors taking a dump in my yard.

The League said...

I don't know what happens when you tazer someone mid-action in the flower beds, but you might want to try some controlled experiments before you adopt that plan of action.