Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ice Day Flashback

Last week we were hit with some ice. Believing the gods were angry with us, The League was terrified. We cowered inside our home, and emerged to take only a few photos.

Mel zips around the front yard, enjoying the ice crunching uder his feet.

Icicles hung from the front of the house. I don't remember ever getting icicles like this before in Austin. The window on the left is the window to the Fortress.

Icilces in the backyard hanging from the porch. I kept one of these. It's in the freezer.

Ahhh... the firepit. The firepit filled with rain. And then the rain froze. And now it's melted, and it's gross, but the yard is all muddy, so I haven't cleaned it out. You can see icicles beneath the firepit.

Ah, the front yard. Yes, the front steps did ice up and become a deathtrap. As did the sidewalks.

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