Friday, January 26, 2007

Titles are hard


Apparently, there used to be Love Boat action figures.

I have a new life quest. I will own an Isaac action figure. Oh, yes. I will.


So I had dinner with Pat, Jeff and Keora this evening.

1) Polvo's is good, but it's kind of weird that it's still such a huge hipster hang-out. If it's about being seen, who wants to be seen cramming their face with moderately priced enchiladas? La Reyna, half a black down was kind of empty, as was El Mercado, another block down. Sure, those places aren't quite as good (especially after I discovered the Burrito Gigante [translation: Giant Burrito]), but they also has inside seating.

I will never understand this city and it's celebration of seemingly random restaurants. This includes the Olive Garden on S. Lamar.

2) Pat is against blogging. Or at least he thinks it's pretty silly. I can support that. Heck, half the time I have no idea what I'm going to say when I start writing, and suddenly I'm two pages into some inane monologue about how I hung shelves in the garage.

The whole blogging thing is NOT something you can explain to someone, or convince them is a good idea, if they're already pretty much convinced you shouldn't be doing it, anyway. Like scrapbooking. Or brushing your teeth.

Pat sort of kidded about starting his own blog, which, he said he would fill with "all my interests that nobody I know cares about". But when pushed, he eluded the question. All the more mysterious.

He did ask me discuss here either the cover-up of surrounding the death of 60+ birds on Congress Avenue a week or so ago. Now they're saying it was cold weather and parasites, but, I am told, I am to begin to say this is obviously NOT true, and there's something sinister at work.

or else I am supposed to speak in praise of "The Day After Tomorrow".

I forget.

Shoemaker, here's that blog I mentioned: Lady, That's My Skull


So I've long had a theory that when I finally finish with the garage, which I've never really unpacked, I would get a job within a week. This has gone from a lingering suspicion to a bit of fatalistic thinking I've decided to take the lead on.

I've delayed and delayed putting the garage together, mostly because the garage is cold. And lonely. And there are spiders.

Yesterday I finally went to Lowe's and bought my melanite shelves, brackets and other assorted doo-dads. Now, an oddity of our garage is that it's exactly big enough to accomodate two cars, but not a lot of space for other stuff, such as lawnmowers. In fact, most of my neighbors have at least one car in the drive-way to accomodate their junk.

The icy weather last week reminded me that if we're hit with ice again, and I DO have to go to work or whatever, I'm going to go out in the rain or ice to get to my car. SO... Luckily our garage is really tall inside (our house sits on an incline). So I'm putting all the shelves up really high.

Not a lot of quick access with stuff sitting that high up, so items finding a home up there include things like Christmas Trees, etc... that we can afford to forget about most of the time.

I am very proud of how handy I've been today. But I also have a long way to go (maybe another two days in the garage) before I'm done.

Then, voila, I should have a job waiting for me next week.

Except that I still haven't finished organizing our books upstairs. That could be a project...


J.S. said...

Just for the record, I'm in total agreement with Pat about the fact that there was something strange about the "parasite and cold weather" explanation for the death of those 60 birds on Congress. I can see how those factors could kill some birds, but 60+ birds in the smae night, and all found in one location? It still feels like we're not getting the full picture.

Also, blogging is stupid and anyone who does it is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Please keep up your respective blogs. Its a great way for TA & KB to kind of know what's going on with you guys without pestering you. And, I actually enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

I think you need to start a separate blog without telling TA & KB and post your normal shpeel over there. Then here at the league, you can start posting really bizarre stories and accounts to make them think you've gone off the deep end and make them fear for your sanity.

Of course, this plan would have been much more effective had I not revealed it here. Alas...


Sleestak said...

Thanks for the mention. But now I'm paranoid.