Friday, January 26, 2007

Netflix Pals

This is how I got to 2000 posts.

If anyone wants to be my NetFlix Pal, click here.

I tried to set up my friend account with Maxwell, and it doesn't look like it worked, so please try it here.

I have no idea how this would benefit you.


Laura said...

Hmm, it didn't work eh? I'll try it this way...

Anonymous said...

Just added you. However, no making fun of the movies in our queue, we are catching up with Hollywood.

This is a little funny though, "Ryan Steans has rated 619 movies and has 0% similarity to you!"

The League said...

Well, i knew that right after we met and you were really excited about the release of "Two Weeks Notice". But you suffered through Blade 3 with me, and for that, you deserve a medal.