Sunday, January 21, 2007

Post for Monday Morning


Leaguers, only a small fraction of you bothered to wish Reed a happy birthday. I am ashamed of you.

Reed has been a vital part of this blog for many years, and all you had to do was post a birthday message. But, apparently, you're too busy. Apparently, you're too good for Reed. I had no idea this was the sort of snobbish audience the League had grown to cater to.

I shame myself and I shame the good name of The League if I can't get you to post a "Happy Birthday" message to Reed.


We finally got some sun today. It's been cold and wet since last week sometime, so a little break in the weather was a welcome change. We didn't manage to take as much advantage of the weather as I would have liked, and I didn't make it home until after dark, so I didn't go running, which I'm feeling sort of badly about.

We've got another wintery blast scheduled to come through (cold, but not a freeze), and then we should have sunshine again on Thursday. So, right now, I'm holding out for Thursday.


We're not even done with the 1st quarter of the NE/IND game as I watch this, but I did see the end of the Bears/Saints game. I suppose I must now make Superbowl plans. No matter what, I suppose I shall cheer for the team that is NOT the Bears, unless I am given a compelling reason why the Bears should curry my favor.

I've been fairly dispassionate about pro-Football this year, and have already snuck over and watched a few NBA games (although I am reminded that the NBA coverage in Austin is abysmal in comparison to what we had in Arizona. My kingdom for an NBA Season Pass on Time Warner Cable).

Peabo was right about one thing in life, and that's about the inherent superiority of College Football over Pro Ball. I cannot get onboard with the anti-NBA plank of his platform, although I understand his argument.


Holy SMOKES, man!!! Was that ever a game! Holy cow!!! COLTS are AFC CHAMPS!!! Whoooo!!!!

(sorry, we like Peyton Manning at League HQ and have been waiting for him to have his shot at a ring for a while.)


I've never been a huge fan of the Ghost Rider comics. I sort of think the idea begins and ends with character design, and you can get more out of an 80's-era Iron Maiden poster than you can out of the average Ghost Rider comic. GR's not actually terribly scary or anything, so I'm not really clear on the point of the guy. I actually think he would be handled better as a DCU Phantom Stranger/Spectre-type character, but that's just me.

Now it's a movie. So far, the most interesting thing in the trailers has been Eva Mendes. And my deep love for paying to see very bad movies.

Who am I kidding? I'm going to see this movie. I sort of wish I could figure out a way to see it with Randy, because I bet Randy is going to love this flick. Somehow the idea of dragging Harms to such quality, low-brow entertainment is equally appealing.


Is this movie just about making fun of fat girls? Am I really supposed to pay money to see that?

Eddie Murphy.... You used to be beautiful, man.

John Wayne

So the other day I watched all of "The Sons of Katie Elder", which I had never seen before. Darn good Western, and one could clearly see where they'd lifted some moments for Silverado. I did not know this, but 2005's "Four Brothers" was a sort of homage to "The Sons of Katie Elder". Only, with Marky Mark instead of John Wayne.

Last night, after watching "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", I watched a good chunk of "The Undefeated". I've got "Rio Grande" in my DVR queue. Either I, or TCM or AMC am on a John Wayne kick. Given the amount of John Wayne on TV everyday, I am inclined to think it's me.

Sure, me and Mr. Wayne might not have agreed on too much had we ever met each other, but I love a good John Wayne movie. I think, partially, because I respect Wayne's ability to make any nonsense that comes out of his mouth sound like God's own truth. And he's not above having a good laugh at other people getting slugged in the head in many of his films.

Oddly, I've not seen too many of John Wayne's non-Westerns, such as "The Green Berets", "Donovan's Reef", or "The Flying Leathernecks". Luckily, I have DVR and basic cable, so it's just a matter of time.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Make sure you wish Reed a happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

A good John Wayne flick that necer gets much run is The Cowboys. It's about John Wayne driving a herd of cattle cross country, and having to settle for a bunch of teenagers and kids for cattle hands because his original crew bailed on him. So he spends the whole cattle drive dispensing wisdom like pez to the little punks who grow to admire Wayne's brand of tough love. Even get to see the guy who played Lewis in Revenge of the Nerds in an earlier acting tour de force.

Best part is in the line Wayne spits out to Bruce Dern along the lines of, "I've had my leg broke, my backs thrown out twice, and chronic arthritis, and I on my worst day I'd still whip your ass."

I also like the Shootist (I think) with a young Ron Howard. Not action packed, more character driven, but still got that old John Wayne as a father figure type thing going on.

Green Beret is average, and very very long, and I find it tough to sit all the way through it.

Wayne is also in The Longest Day a flick about DDAY. Has a lot of famous actors in it (whose names all escape me now) but that is a very long flick that I actually enjoyed.


The League said...

I received a John Wayne movie pack a few years ago and it contaned The Cowboys. Great flick.

RHPT said...

What gives you the idea that I would enjoy Ghost Rider?

Although, I couldn't stop watching BloodRayne on SciFi last night. Of course, it could have simply been because it featured Kristanna Lokken in a tight leather outfit.

The League said...

Partially because you once sent me a stack of Ghost Rider comics, and partially because you tend to watch things like BloodRayne on Sci-Fi channel. (Hey, I tried to watch it, too, but Jamie veto'd the flick). And because you didn't think Garfield was all that bad.

Anonymous said...

Umm, I'd have wished Reed a happy birthday in a timely manner, but your feed stopped updating on Bloglines sometime back and I don't make here as often as I used to.

Happy Birthday, Reed!

Natalie, who is rooting against the Colts therefore she is rooting for Da Bears.

The League said...

Your anti-Colt stance threatens to put you at odds with my coalition of willing Colt supporters.

I suppose it is time for me to look into making sure I'm syndicated again. Sigh.

The irony of all this is that I lost my syndication thanks to my change in template, which occured mostly because I had heard through the grapevine certain readers believed I needed a new template.

You have only yourself to blame.

Anonymous said...

Doh. In my defense, I was asked and was willing to help with a new template, but didn't raise the initial concern.

And I'm a Texans fan, I HAVE to root against the Colts.

The League said...

Yeah, it's funny. I'm never the one who gets tired of my template. It's been changed only at Jim D's request.

I understand your mad Texans love (actually, I completely DO NOT understand mad Texans love, but I understand team loyalty). So you shall get a pass this time.

RHPT said...

Emily protested my watching BloodRayne, but then she fell asleep. So I got to watch the whole ugly mess. How did they convince Ben Kingsley to be in that movie?

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Reed!