Monday, June 29, 2009

A few quick items

Editor's note: We're giving over tonight's full column to Leaguer Nathan C. So here's a few tidbits. I invite you to read Nathan's column in its entirety.

Achewood and Jacko

Ray Smuckles on the death of Michael Jackson. This is the column I wish I had written.

also here.

Jon & Kate: Cultural Implications

On Friday, I saw two women, both in their 40's, who had the same haircut as Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. It was bound to happen, I suppose. We may become adults, but we still find ourselves imitating the people we look up to. I've been wearing a pant suit since Hillary announced her nomination.

One offender was on campus, most likely retrieving her child from a camp or from Freshman Orientation. The other was at Texadelphia with her husband, whom I wanted to take aside and instruct that, yes... when your wife begins to idolize a TLC star, its okay to run for your life.

I ponder the army of Kate-haired fans at a Barnes & Noble, all lined up for a signing of "Eight Little Faces", and I tremble.

Wagner's Back in Town!

Heather Wagner has finally completed her three year sojourn in Lubbock where she was completing her masters in Speech Therapy. She's now back in Austin and on the job hunt (so if you've got some speech issues and need some help...).

To make matters interesting, Wagner is living with a friend, also named Heather. Other Heather seems like a swell dame.

GI Joe

I may be rethinking this GI Joe movie. Yes, indeed.

Thank you, Hollywood, for knowing I don't care if I'm pandered to.

But I'm still not seeing your movie.


Nathan said...

Redheads are awesome, but:

A. I am tired of the whole Bat-suit inspired rubber costume fad.

B. There is no b. This movie smells like a stinker from a mile away.

That is all.

rhpt said...

I've been a 'fan' of Boobs McBoobs since she became a regular on Alias.

Simon MacDonald said...

Initially I was excited by the casting of Sienna Miller as the Baroness and Ray Park as Snake Eyes adding smoking hot Rachel Nichols as Scarlett is great.

Unfortunately everything else I've seen about the movie makes me think I'll just pass on it. The trailer looks crappy, I mean "power suits"? The whole point of G.I. Joe was the special talents each person possessed. Putting them into generic power suits is pretty lame. Don't even get me started on Marlon Wayans as Ripcord.

NTT said...

Unfortunately, I've a feeling that Scarlett is going to get short shrifted on face time with the interplay of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow taking center stage. It always plays out that way.

Like I wrote before in my comments, G.I. Joe, when you removed the blatant jingoism, was all about various expert individuals in their field teaming together to be a badass military force to fight evil. Once you introduce power armor "accelerator" suits, it begs the question why don't they just send in Delta Force or the Navy Seals?

The movie looks awful. My solution: More Ninjas. It worked in the original G.I. Joe comic. The title got exponentially more interesting when ninjas were involved.

tachyonshuggy said...

How I hate Kate. That woman is a terrible harpy with a heart two sizes too bitch.

tachyonshuggy said...

Oh yeah, regarding the blatant jingoism of GI Joe: they removed that too. Now they're like the UN Special Forces and they lost the guy with the parrot.

The League said...

No Shipwreck? It is blasphemy. My favorite dude was "Mutt", the k9 guy with the rottweiler, "Junkyard".

To be fair, GI Joe is a military unit. I don't know if I entirely buy it as "jingoistic" anymore than any other military movie where the soldiers are good-guys. In fact, during Reagan-era Cold War, they were teaming up with and/ or had a friendly rivalry with the Oktober Guard, Russia's GI Joe.

And, yes. I liked the Storm Shadow/ Snake Eyes storyline stuff, too. Storm Shadow was my introduction to thinking the bad guy was pretty darn cool.

rhpt said...

I heard Shipwreck was supposed to be played by The Rock (?), but his cameo was cut.

Michael Corley said...

Phhht. I already decided to go see it when I saw the Baroness.

Plus, Snake-Eyes was my hero. I have to see him stab things.

I think the movie will be really, really bad.

J.S. said...

I know this comment is sort of belated, but I've been out of town. On the Michael Jackson thing, I still can't get over the extremely strong suspicion that the guy was a child molester (albeit one with enough money to buy off witnesses in order to avoid a conviction). He clearly said that he shared his bed with a number of children, he reached an undisclosed settlement after his the first allegation was made against him but then continued to have kids sleep in his bed (where any rational person would have realized that this is a really horrible idea- he strikes me as a pedophile who just couldn't stop), and the police found an alarm system at his home that would warn him if anyone was approaching his bedroom. I just can't get over that whole thing, and it's enough to really color my opinion of the guy. His pop tunes are catchy, but I found him extremely creepy in a way that outweighs his artistic merit. I'm not glad he's dead, but I don't feel like commemorating him, either.