Saturday, July 04, 2009

Place your bets here...

So Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, famous for accidentally removing credibility from the McCain campaign (sorry, Palin fans, its true) has resigned her post as Governor.

My guess is that Palin received an opportunity for a lucrative television contract. Something along the lines of a talk show (isn't the modern dream to be Oprah Winfrey?) or something on Fox.

But, I also have no doubt that its all part of her plans for 2012. If that's the case, this voter is really looking forward to the primaries.

Any other theories?

Perhaps this recent Vanity Fair article could shed some light...

thanks to Randy for starting this whole conversation


Michael Corley said...

My wife and I watched her "speech" (I put that in quotes, becuase it was actually a rambling string of half-sentences).

I honestly hope she's doing it for a TV contract.

Because the other reasons is some big bad legal whammy.

Simon MacDonald said...

If the GOP puts her in charge of the party I will start building a fence along the 49th parallel. It should be done by the next US election cycle.