Sunday, June 28, 2009

The League Obtains: A Cousin

So, Cousin Sue has adopted a fresh faced kid.

After 34 years, The League is no longer the youngest on that side of the family (second cousins Michael and Kathy are younger than me on the Steans-side).

I have to check with Sue before I start naming names and invade privacy of a tween-ager, so bear with me. The kid is not an infant or toddler, and so the rules are a bit different. I need to be careful so that her classmates don't track her down via this blog and all that, so... I need to come up with some sort of pseudonym. And remember a camera next time, but...

I really liked this kid. Sharp and she was happy to chat. She's going to make a fine addition to the clan.

We met up for lunch and then went to Star Trek. Showing remarkable taste, she seemed to like it quite a bit. We're going to get along just fine.


Steven said...

I have yet to meet the female that saw this movie who was not moved by Chris Pike.

The League said...

Wait... Captain Pike or Chris Pine? Both are handsome gentlemen.

mcsteans said...

Hear hear! While the Star Trek is a great flick, it's a bonus that it contains many good looking dudes.